I have found dates in a variety of ways. I have handed my number to men at bars, the grocery store, car dealerships, through friends, and also through the world of online dating. Online dating is where this idea was born. I dabbled in online dating off and on for the past four years. In the time I have met some amazing people, but I have also met a few frogs.

After many unsuccessful first dates I deleted the content of my profile and replaced it with a list of things I wish men would stop doing (see my second post for the list). My inbox quickly changed from the normal annoyances and turned into messages upon messages from men all over the world commending me for my honesty, thanking me for the laughs, and asking for advice. The last one struck me as interesting. Especially when I had so many asking for help, and as much as I wanted to help, it would be a full time job to help just one.

That’s when this blog came to life. This blog isn’t a bashing of every guy I have gone on a date with (although there will be some ‘bashing’ but strictly for learning purposes). This is a blog to give a more detailed look into what it is like to be on the other side and seeing things from a ‘girl’s eye view’. If you happen to be someone that has dated me and watched me destroy a cheeseburger, don’t worry, I won’t say anything that will give away your identity.

This post is more of an introduction, so it isn’t as comical and educational as the rest of this blog will be. If you have found yourself having misfortune in the dating world, maybe this is worth the read.


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