How I Decide if I feel a CONNECTION online! with SAMPLES :-)

Keep in mind while reading, that the opinions and views expressed on this blog are unique to me. I do not speak for every girl, but it is possible that a lot of my thought processes are very similar to others out there. So it could be helpful to know the kind of things I notice.

I have three new messages on my online dating website. I have decided for the purpose of this blog, I will open each message and go through the thought process from there!

Message #1

‘Hey what’s going on’ <- Message from potential future husband?!

Initially this message makes me annoyed that I even took the time to open up the app to read it. It is vague, boring, and doesn’t excite me about getting to know this person at all. Their picture is displayed with the message in this particular app. The picture is a slightly far away shot of them with sunglasses on in bad lighting. I can’t really gather anything from this message at all. Most of the time a message like this one, would result in me closing the app and never thinking about that person again. However, since we are experimenting here, I shall visit their profile and let the fun begin!

First Glance… Their profile is pretty much empty… which I should have expected based on the lack on content in their initial message. I have managed to learn that this person apparently cannot live without a toothbrush, so although I appreciate your attempt at hygiene, a toothbrush is pretty worthless without toothpaste. Hmmm…

Toothpaste Anyone?

Toothpaste Anyone?

Let’s move forward, since the content is bogus and not really telling me much of anything I have determined I definitely do not feel a connection with my cavity conscious friend.

Message #2

“At least a reply would be decent to let me know whether you are interested or not.” – Future baby daddy?!

This message alone saves me the trouble of even bothering to open the profile. It clearly states in my long beautiful list that I do not have time to message everyone back their rejection letters. Furthermore, wouldn’t a lack of response clearly be enough to show that I am not interested in you? I know it is very common that when a girl likes a guy she ignores the crap out of him and never messages him, so I guess I can see his confusion? PLEASE. If a girl is interested in you she will DEFINITELY make time to message you. It is the law of the land once you hit adulthood. If I like a guy, I typically find myself trying to keep myself from messaging TOO MUCH. Clearly this guy is illiterate and cannot read, or completely in the dark about dating these days, either way he is not the one for me. NEXT!

Message #3

“Great smile!” – Guy over ten years out of stated age range.

That is so nice! I love compliments! What girl doesn’t? I just hope you weren’t trying to get me to want to date you…The reason I say this is simple, any girl who is a 5+ on the ‘rating scale’ gets more than enough compliments and is likely well aware of her good features. Even if a girl says she doesn’t think she’s pretty, she’s a lying sack of shit. *PRETTY SHIT* 🙂 If you can’t love yourself and be proud of your insides and outsides no matter what they look like, then that is just plain sad. The greatest gift we are given in this life is the ability to be who we are, it is a damn shame for anyone who doesn’t see how lucky we are.

Enough with the life lessons… let’s go visit this guys profile! His photo that I can see from the message is too close up to his face and I can only make out the red eyes from the camera. Opening profile…. and yet again another near empty profile. I don’t expect a guy to write as much as I do. I know I write probably more than I should, but I just feel like you should try to give me at least something to gather an idea about you? With an empty profile, you’re already risking the chance of letting all the full profiled dudes get all the chicks! Chicks love content! Well… at least I love content! And since this is about me and my views and opinions, this is a shame. Also it kind of grosses me out that this person is 45 years old and the ‘I’m looking for’ age range is 18-50. I understand you can’t put an ‘age on love’ but I just get a little creeped out by the idea of girls almost the age of my young cousin dating men the age of their own fathers. Creepy. I will say this gentleman is not bad looking, and had a great collection of pictures that were clearly not all taken in one session. HOWEVER due to the lack of a profile, questionable dating age range, and weak first message…….. sorry NO CONNECTION.

Old Dude

Old Dude

So in a nutshell… that is basically what goes through my head when I go through messages on an online dating website. You might say “Oh she just picked the bad ones…” Nope! These are actually the most common types of profiles and messages that make their way to me on a daily basis. And these are REAL messages, so if you happen to be one of these three gentlemen… maybe this will help you learn the kind of impression you’re giving off right now.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little experiment, please like/comment/share if you want 🙂 I will be trying to post something daily on this blog about more experiences and tips! 🙂 Peace out & Happy Soul Searching!

PS: I am not into art or graphic design. But pictures sometimes help tell stories, so I am giving it my best with my iPad. 🙂


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