Reasons why cats are better than boyfriends…with pictures :)

I definitely think men have some benefits that a cat just can’t compete with. However there are a lot things men do that cats don’t do, and I think our feline friends deserve some recognition!

The cat in the photos is my buddy Max, I have had him for a few years now and he is my favorite little booger. He was so kind to take time out of his nap to pose for a few shots. Enjoy!

Cats do not try to put their arms around you when you’re on the couch…COMFORT FOR EVERYONE!

No Stiff Necks!

                No Stiff Necks!

Cats can’t drink alcohol, so all the wine is yours! 🙂

Bottoms Up!

                   Bottoms Up!

Cats don’t have cellphones, so they can’t spend the whole time ignoring you…

One more YouTube Video...

One more YouTube Video…

Cats don’t get a ‘say’ in what you watch on Netflix…



Cats don’t bitch about taking selfies together 🙂

Let me take a selfie...

     Let me take a selfie…

I hope you guys enjoyed our little gallery 🙂 I am so lucky to have some wonderful cats to keep me entertained as I write and try to find them a father figure! 😉

And now it’s bedtime…

Sleepy Kitty...

                        Sleepy Kitty…


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