Online Dating and Appearances…

I have had many men vent to my inbox on online dating websites. They are upset because apparently girls only look at their photos and if they don’t like what they see they move on. The men have expressed that they feel they have a lot to offer, and if a girl could make it past the pictures and on to the profile, the girl might like them. I am sure that the majority of the men on online dating sites are actually really nice people. However we have to remember that just because it is online dating, it does not mean that the lawsย of the outside world do not apply.

I believe that being attracted to someone physically is just as important as being attracted to them mentally. Notice I said JUST as important, not more important. But an even balance of the two is necessary in order to develop a healthy, lasting relationship. If I was at a bar with all the men of an online dating community, I still would determine who I want to talk to based on appearance FIRST. Men are not often found parading around the bar scene handing out pamphlets about themselves for me to read while I sip my wine and make my decision on who is getting my phone number.

So I will only say this once… ATTENTION complaining men of the online dating worldSUCK IT UP. If a girl does not find you physically attractive then she most likely will not want to get to know you. It DOES NOT MEAN that you are NOT ATTRACTIVE, you just are not attractive in HER EYES! Personally I think that Josh Hutcherson (from the Hunger Games) is NOT ATTRACTIVE. However there are a zillion fan girls out there that would beg to differ. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…right?

It is always a big thrill of mine to meet a guy from online dating. I mean…all I have to base their appearance on are a couple of photos. Naturally, these photos are the absolute BEST photos that this man has ever taken. No one puts BAD pictures on an online dating profile. And if they do put “bad” pictures on an online dating site, chances are that picture is just a good picture DISGUISED as a BAD picture. We all do it.. that’s how the duck face became so damn popular. Bitches finally found a way to still look cute, but appear to look “goofy“.



With online dating you start to imagine the person in your head...attempting to ‘Harry-Potter-it’ and make the picture come to life. Sadly though, our imaginations tend to dream up the most ideal of situations, and we often find ourselves disappointed. FORTUNATELY just because someone may not have been as tall as you were expecting, their eyes can still be just as dreamy as you imagined! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think I have ever actually met a guy who was 100%, even 90% what I pictured.

Which is why I must stand on my soap box one more time and remind the men of online dating, that eventually when you meet, everything is in the open. If you said you were 6’1 and you are actually 5’5…chances are I am going to notice. And you may think that ‘oh well height shouldn’t be the deciding factor’ but it was never about height to me. You are the person who felt that you needed to lie about your height (or any physical feature really). All this tells me is you are lacking confidence in yourself, and you felt that I wouldn’t like who you really are so you needed to mask it. Confidence can make a 3 on the ratings scale a 9. Be true to yourself, and be honest to your prospective dates. Nothing makes a man more ugly to me than a man who is not proud and confident in who he is.

WELCOME ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Today was the best day for new eyes on my blog and I am just overwhelmed with the feedback, and the support! I promise as long as there are people out there wanting to read, I will keep writing. Thank you everyone! HAPPY SOUL SEARCHING! xoxo


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