Awkward moments for the eternally single…

When you have been single for awhile you begin to not even notice it. You learn independence in a way that many high school sweethearts will never come close to understanding. One of the greatest accomplishments in this life is becoming self sufficient and having the capability to live in this world as a single person. So to all the single readers out there: YOU ROCK! I don’t think that you can expect someone to want to be with you, until YOU are content being with YOU. Meaning, you can own the single world and find ways to make happiness without the NEED of having someone else there beside you.

I feel that I have learned to own the single world, and I have mastered the art of loving myself. HOWEVER there are a few moments in life, where the eternally single find themselves feeling that empty hole inside…we quickly reach for a filler of our choosing (mine being wine/cats/cake) and try to fill the hole up before anyone notices.

So I present to you…. *scary music playing*Β Awkward Moments for the Eternally Single…

Family Gatherings…

The dreaded moment at a family gathering when your grandmother (or any relative) looks to you and says “So are you seeing anyone?” This moment becomes even more awkward when you can see in her eyes that she knows the truth but still felt compelled to ask you, just in case. SHIT FAMILY! Really? You all are well aware that if I actually was SEEING SOMEONE you would all DAMN WELL know it because I would parade that shit around like an OSCAR! This question is one of those moments that gently reminds you that the only thing you’re going home to tonight, is a cat.

Couples Night…

Group dating has become more and more popular, and can be a lot of fun whether you have a date or not. I have been the third, fifth, seventh, eleventh, etc. wheel on a number of outings. I never really mind it during the outing, it isn’t until the end where it becomes slightly apparent that you are on your own. After a few drinks, your coupled friends,they tend to start to think with different parts of their body and the fun dies down and everyone pairs off. This is when you normally say “Hey I think I should probably call it a night.” Yeah… because your cats are probably lonely and that Netflix isn’t going to watch itself!

Magazine Articles…

Yes Cosmo, please teach me how to please my man! Really, this applies whenever you see any media that is designated more to the coupled groups. A one night stand isn’t worth the $100 at Victoria’s Secret, and your cats find your bargain bin sweatpants completely acceptable as sleepwear. Or the online quizzes that are so popular right now…which Disney couple are you and your man? I get that chick from Brave all the time, you know…the one Disney princess that didn’t get a prince in the end? Even Elsa at least had a sweet sidekick snowman…


It amazes me how few meals are single serving, and they always cost more than the meals designed for more than one person. Single serving meals include: frozen dinners, lunchables, and sandwiches. I want to give a shout out to whomever invented the HALF LOAF of bread, FINALLY SOMEONE WITH SINGLE PEOPLE IN MIND. I live alone, my cats eat cat food, I can’t finish a whole loaf of bread by myself! Frozen food becomes boring and tasteless, the takeout Chinese place knows you by name, and you’re sick of sandwiches… that’s when the single person decides to get adventurous. You throw down ten dollars at your local super market and make a delicious pasta dish. You’re so proud… until you have to clean out week old, moldy tupperware that you put the insane amount of leftovers in… ‘never again’ you vow as you scrub…

The Vicious Evil Holiday… NEW YEARS EVE…

I love New Years Eve. It is a fun holiday where you can dress up, drink bubbly and enjoy time with your friends. However when midnight approaches…single people often find themselves searching the room. It is customary on New Years Eve that when the clock strikes midnight you are supposed to engage in a kiss with someone. I am not sure if it is meant to bring you luck, or really what the point of it is, but it happens. As a single person you likely spend the last hour of New Years searching for another single straggler that is hoping to find someone to lock lips with at midnight. Panic sets in at fifteen minutes until midnight when you still have not found someone acceptable to kiss… 3, 2, 1… just look at the ground it will all be over soon…

In Conclusion…

There are many moments where your single hood comes to light and you remember it is there. In general, people always want whatever it is that they don’t have. The coupled friends boast about how great it must be to be single, while us single folk would give anything to not be single anymore. That is why you can’t look at it as a STATUS (although Facebook calls it that), it isn’t a status, it is a MOMENT. A moment in your life when you and someone else decide to not journey alone anymore. When you decide to embark on a path out of single hood, together, as a couple, it is a chapter in your life. Not every character makes it to the end of the book, but any declared character is still IN THE BOOK. Being single or being taken is not something that defines who you are, it is something that defines a moment in your life, however long or short it may be. Statuses can change… when I leave single hood I want it to be forever, a static moment that will never pass.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to share in the comments below any other awkward moments that maybe you have come across that I haven’t mentioned. I would love to hear about them! Thanks again and happy soul searching! xoxo

*These are all strictly MY opinions… some of you may have great single serving recipes that don’t end up with a zillion leftovers… I just suck at measuring pasta.*


9 thoughts on “Awkward moments for the eternally single…

  1. ladyladydi44x

    I wrote this when I finally found the courage to ask for a divorce after 20 years in a marriage – with the last 7-8 of them emotionally and then physically abusive – I found ME πŸ™‚
    Finding me
    A changing life – evolving and new,
    A different outlook – a colorful view
    Revived and peaceful,
    now content and sound
    My heart’s at peace,
    myself I’ve found
    Past experiences,
    such a lifetime it seems
    Mixed emotions
    tangled my dreams
    I remember such heartache and fear within,
    That blocked my heart – unbearable sin
    Trapped, I felt there was no way out
    Years of torment anger and doubt
    Then I found the strength to release and be me
    I prayed to God to help – help me!
    He gave me the courage and was there for me
    He carried me through and allowed me to be free
    He brought me peace and love within me
    He gave me back myself – my identity.


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