Annoying things people say to single people…

I have been single for the majority of my life. If you read my post about Awkward Moments for the Eternally Single, you are well aware that I am very proud of my single hood. When you reach this level of pride, you finally realize that the only way you would ever WANT to leave single hood is if someone pretty damn special showed up. There are too many people out there that will date anyone and settle, just because they don’t want to be alone. These people suck. Settling SUCKS. I would much rather come home alone to Netflix and my cats every night for the rest of my life, than to come home to the wrong person. BECAUSE I am so content with being in this spot, the following statements really piss me off.

In no particular order, may I present to you the most annoying things people say to perfectly content SINGLE PEOPLE…

  • “You are just dating all the wrong guys.”
    •  I have addressed this in an earlier post. I want to just say to these people: THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! Because if I was dating the RIGHT guy, then I wouldn’t be single?! See how that works? OBVIOUSLY I have been dating the wrong guys. This statement is a shitty attempt at trying to justify a persons single hood and should always be avoided.
  • “Maybe you should stop dating assholes…and date a nice guy…like those nerds on Big Bang Theory…”
    • Ahhhh yes! That would completely solve the problem! Except it doesn’t matter if the guy is a nerd, a jock, or anything. Since when does studying psychics have a direct correlation to not being an asshole? Personally…there were more times than not when I wanted to punch Leonard in the head for something he said to Penny. It doesn’t matter what kind of stereotype you place them under, if he isn’t the one, he isn’t the one. I actually dated a physicist once…he was a lying, cheating, asshole…soooo there’s that too.
  • “I don’t know how you are single!”
    • I have this thing you see…it’s called standards. I am single because no one has met these standards, and the ones that I thought did, well apparently I didn’t meet THEIR standards. It really is that simple. And single life is good, no one counts my wine bottles, and no one stinks up my bathroom…i’m good for now.
  • “Hey why don’t you date (insert name of family friend)? He is a really nice guy!”
    • I might be single, but i’m not broken. I am capable of assessing every potential bachelor, and believe me if I thought this family friend was compatible, I would have went for it by now.
  • “I just don’t want you to turn into one of those ‘cat ladies'”
    • Why not? I love cats and there are a lot of cats out there that really need a good home! Obviously I don’t plan to become an animal hoarder. However, I do have a lot of extra room in my heart to love, so maybe improving the lives of a few more felines wouldn’t be THAT TERRIBLE of a thing to do.

Since when is it such a crime to be single at this age? I don’t think the purpose of life is to find some man (or woman if that’s your thing) to spend it alongside. As a woman, people tend to look at you like a baby manufacturing facility. Is that really the equation to life? Woman + Man = Baby? Is that what we are here for? Is that the purpose? I don’t think so…and if that REALLY IS our purpose, to procreate and continue this species…well then I guess I failed at life? Personally, I think the point of this life is to LIVE and EXPERIENCE! We only get such a short amount of time here and instead of spending my time with the wrong guy making babies, I think I will just go and live.

I think the miracle of childbirth is amazing, but I don’t necessarily think it defines the purpose of life, just the creation of it. I could make an entire POST about the baby related annoying things single (women especially) people have to hear…maybe one day! Haha

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please comment below with some of the annoying things you have heard in your single life! I would love to hear them! ALSO FLIP SIDE! If you are NOT single, please comment below with annoying things that SINGLE people say! It will be fun!!! Thank you for reading! Whew! Thank goodness it is almost the weekend! I will finally be able to spend a lot more time on here and read some of your blogs! HAPPY SOUL SEARCHING! xoxo

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