Hello Mr. AT&T Installation Tech…

It is a chilly Saturday morning here, and I am wearing a tank top and shorts. You might wonder WHY I am wearing a tank top and shorts if it is cold out? Well that is because today I am getting AT&T installed. Wait? What? Why do you have to wear a tank top and shorts in order to get your cable TV installed? That makes no sense?

As a single person, I take advantage of any opportunity to find a date. Yes, I parade around with my online dating techniques, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look for Prince Charming in other places in my life. My AT&T installation tech is handsome, there is something about a tool belt and a drill that really sends shocks down to my nether regions. So as he goes in and out of my apartment, I sit here on my laptop attempting to look as attractive as possible in hopes of maybe scoring a date.

Living life through a single person’s eyes is a lot different than that of a taken person. When you are in a relationship (if it is the right one) you get tunnel vision, and you don’t even think about things like ‘I wonder if my cable tech will be hott and single’. While I was casually flirting with my tech and offering him a cup of coffee, I started to think of all the other times in my life where I have acted in a very similar way in hopes of finding a date.

Grocery Shopping…

Every time I go to the grocery store I find myself always looking…seeing if there are any attractive men perusing the aisles. You can always tell if a guy is single at a grocery store in a few ways: he is there alone, he is using the small cart (or a basket), his cart is full of junk food, his cart is full of beer, and the list goes on. Yes I am stereotyping, and this isn’t always a sure bet, but I have found 9 times out of 10 these assumptions are pretty accurate. I have even found myself going into aisles I don’t even need, just to make sure I am still in the eye sight of the potential future mate. I always get excited to go grocery shopping because you never know when you might meet the perfect man!

The Gym…

I don’t wear heels to the gym, but I also don’t go looking like crap. I won’t apply a fresh face of makeup but if I already had makeup on I won’t wash it off. I make sure to shave my legs if I am planning on wearing shorts or capris, and I make sure to use lotion as well (dry scaly looking legs are not cute). When I am at the gym, I don’t change my routine in order to remain in eyesight, but I try to not make as many dumb faces. I hate that feeling of disappointment after I have scanned the entire gym and have not found a single guy I am interested in. The only thing that is worse is when I go to leave the gym and pass by a very eligible bachelor walking in… I always think ‘well I could do another mile right? NO it would be way too obvious! He just saw you leaving! Get in your car and push your work out an hour later tomorrow and maybe you will see him then!’

School/Office/Place of Work…

Currently I work in an office building, but this applies for really any place of work or school. I remember when I first started my job. My boss took me around to all the different cubicles and offices to introduce me to people. Although I don’t necessarily condone office romances, I took special notice to every attractive man that I was introduced to and looked for wedding rings, pictures of girlfriends, etc. I wanted to smack myself when the introductions were over, because I know that if I would have had a significant other, chances are I never would have wasted my time going through that thought process.

The same applies in school, especially college. First day of classes you scan every single class for the attractive men, and note where they sat and try to get a seat by them the next class. There was one class where the guy I liked was on the opposite side of the classroom and when we would turn in a paper at the end of class I would time it so we turned ours in at the same time. He probably didn’t even notice me, but I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

Your Neighborhood…

I moved into a new apartment back in May and during the move in process I paid special attention to all my new neighbors. I made sure for the first couple of weeks that I was always in perfect condition every time I would leave the walls of my apartment. I actually have become friends with the two guys that live across the hall from me and they are now my go-to spider killers. I remember the first time I went to ask them to kill a spider for me. I spent a half hour touching up my apartment, picking the perfect outfit, polishing my makeup (all while monitoring a spider on the wall), and then I went and knocked on their door. It is amazing the amount of time and energy I waste trying to always be ready at a moments notice just in case Prince Charming appears.

There are a lot of things single people do in order to increase their chances of finding a perfect mate. If you don’t find that you do these things, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a mate, personally I think I try way too hard. I just never want to run the risk of missing out on an opportunity, so I always make sure to be ready and at attention. Have you found yourself going through any of these thought processes in your daily life? Where are places that you find yourself scanning the room looking for any eligible bachelors? Please comment below and tell me about it!

ALSO for those of you that are not single, where did you meet your current mate? Did you find each other in the grocery store? I would love to hear your stories! Please comment below and share your story!

Thank you all for reading! I hit 30 followers yesterday and I was so excited! In honor of my thirty wonderful followers I will be posting a picture post very soon! Thanks again and happy soul searching! xoxo


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