A Date for EVERY Season…

I had someone request that I write a post about first date ideas. I started brainstorming, thinking of every single date I have either gone on, or wished I could go on. Dates are tough, whether you have been together for an extended period of time, or it is your first date, it is always a challenge to come up with something a little different. There are some major elements that you want to make sure your date has, especially if it is one of the first couple of dates. You want the opportunity to communicate, the ability to learn traits about their personality, and a way of adding some level of intimacy during the date. I have attempted to break these options up by season. I live in the midwest and there are certain date ideas that do not apply all year round, and winter can prove to be one of the hardest seasons to generate ideas.

*Some of these dates can cross seasons, I just listed them under the most common season that they occur.
**Never take a girl to the movies for a first date.

Summer Loving…

  • Nature Walk. In most areas, there are nature trails that don’t take a lot of outdoors skill to complete. I am not talking about back packing and hiking, but something more tame. Nature trails are great, because you get the opportunity to get to know someone with little distraction. If you want to try to spruce up a nature trail date, bring lunch (breakfast/dinner) and surprise your date at the end of the walk. This also gives you a chance for intimacy, because maybe they’ll want to hold your hand during the walk, or kiss you by a waterfall.
  • Festival/Fair/Zoo/Amusement Park. This option will be a little more costly, but it can present so many wonderful opportunities. I had a guy take me on a date to a Renaissance festival one year. It was easily one of my favorite dates. We spent the day watching shows, touring shops, and playing games. We had plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know each other. We had the ability to see how the other would react when actors from the festival would interact with us. We also had great intimacy when he wrapped his arms around me and taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow. Check your local news source and search the entertainment section, festivals are especially fun for a first date! Even if you end up not having a connection, at least you were at a fun place for the day!
  • Downtown Exploration. If you live near a major metropolitan area this idea is fabulous! Do not make ANY plans, just arrange to meet your date somewhere in the city. After you meet, take to the streets and explore and do whatever happens to come about! Maybe you walk past a restaurant that smells amazing, or happen upon a unique bar or coffee shop…It gives you the chance to find out what kind of interests this person has, and forces you to work as a couple in making decisions on what it is that you will spend your day doing.

Falling for Fall…

  • Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze. I don’t have haunted houses on the list for date ideas. The reason I don’t is because I think for a FIRST date at least, it isn’t the best idea. You’re in the dark, you don’t get a chance to really talk, and the only thing you will learn is how big of a chicken shit your date is. However, I do think that pumpkin patches, and corn mazes are EXCELLENT first date ideas. They are calm enough that you will get an opportunity to really talk, they require you work together, and they can be a lot of fun. These are normally afternoon things, so if the date goes really well then perhaps you can retire to some dinner afterward!
  • Coffee Shops. This is a date idea that pertains more to the coupled readers. I had a boyfriend once, and we made it a point every Sunday morning we would go and try a different coffee shop. We both loved coffee, and it was so much fun to go and try all the different little shops. We kept a list and wrote down our opinions, coffee Sunday became tradition and was something I always looked forward to!
  • Vineyard/Brewery. Instead of just going and getting a drink at a bar, try doing something a little more adventurous! Take your date to a vineyard or a brewery and partake in a tasting or a tour! There is a vineyard not very far from where I live, they have tastings, tours, and live music! It is always a very fun place to go to, and an excellent place to take a date to!

Loving in a Winter Wonderland…

  • Furniture Store. During the winter months it can be difficult to find great date ideas because doing anything outside is almost impossible. I have found that going on a date to a furniture store can be a very fun thing to do. If you have an IKEA close to your geographical location, I highly recommend going there. However any furniture store can work for this! When you’re at a furniture store there are plenty of opportunities to talk and really get to know a person. You would be amazed at what you can tell about a person based on the furniture that they like and the pieces they don’t like. Furniture stores are full of great conversation starters and it helps that they are indoors, so regardless of the weather this date can still occur.
  • Christmas Lights. Pick up your date, and take them to a local coffee shop to get a warm beverage before heading off to gaze at Christmas light displays. You can either drive around and look at your local neighborhoods, or go to an actual Christmas light event. Either way, this is a wonderful holiday date that can be a lot of fun and full of opportunities to really get to know one another.
  • Sledding/Snow Ball Fight/Snowman Building. Invite your date to meet you at a park and spend the day playing in the snow. This is a great couple building date, and can be a lot of fun! Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like shoving a snowball down your man’s pants. This is a fun and carefree date that costs you NOTHING. If the date goes well, then finish it off by warming up at your local coffee place.

Melt into Spring…

  • Home Tour. During the spring months, home tours become very popular and start popping up all over the place. A home tour is typically found in new developments, and is where a realtor has numerous homes available to tour, and you walk from home to home exploring. You might think this would be a date for couples, but it is an excellent idea for a first date too! It is original and different, and contains all the necessary first date criteria. Similar to the furniture store date, this gives you a unique way of learning about another person through their likes and dislikes.
  • Gym/Fitness Class. Spring is when a lot of people start working out more in hopes of getting rid of the winter month pounds they put on. Invite your date to join you for a fitness class. You don’t have as much of an opportunity to communicate, but it definitely wins in unique points. If you both enjoyed the class, perhaps you can plan to go together again. Nothing is better after a workout than an ice cold smoothie…great potential add on if the date is going well!
  • Pound. Spring is PUPPY/KITTEN season! Take your date to a local pound to go and play with these adorable animals. A lot of pounds really appreciate when people volunteer to come and play with the animals, so why not do a good thing and make a date of it? This date idea covers all the necessary criteria, and it is a great thing to do in your community.

I know this post didn’t contain my typical humor and attitude. However, I think that as a tips/tricks blog, this post was beneficial to the needs of the readers. I am working on another post that I had planned for today, and will be posting this a little later.

What kind of first date ideas do you have? Have you gone on anything extremely unique? I would love to hear about it! Please comment below! Thank you all so much for reading and happy soul searching! xoxo


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