Why I write…

I have had a few messages where people have asked the question “Why are you doing this?” It is understandable why people are wondering WHY I decided to dedicate a fifth of my day to writing and talking to complete strangers about their problems. Well there are two main reasons WHY I do what I do:

  2. I love to help people.

Every single time I receive a message from a lost soul asking for some guidance, it makes my whole day to try to help that person. Even if in the end I only succeed in helping ONE person, it would all be worth it. I love hearing your stories, partly because it makes me feel like i’m not alone, and because with my analytical personality I can’t wait to dive deeper and find the root of the problem.

I love to make people laugh too. Whether it is openly admitting that I HAVE actually put deodorant between my butt cheeks to test my fart theory, or detailing a horrific date where I was forced to smell a man’s deodorant, I am glad to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

I used to write a lot when I was younger. I would spend hours attached to a composition book, writing short stories, song lyrics, and whatever happened to be on my mind that day. When you become an adult, your imagination begins to shrink, and finding TIME to express yourself in your creative outlet of choice becomes almost impossible.

It was while I hastily slurped my wine, and retyped my online dating profile that I finally felt that sense of creativity that I have missed so much. I never lost my ability or my imagination, I just needed to refocus and find where it would fit in my life today. Any great writer will tell you that one of the most important parts about writing is to write about WHAT YOU KNOW. I have spent five years battling the wars of adulthood and dating, and if only my twenty-one year old self would’ve known what I know now…I could have saved myself a lot of heartache.

I KNOW relationships, I KNOW dating, and I have become quite the expert in ONLINE DATING. I went on over thirty FIRST dates this summer, and to come up with a figure for a lifetime tally would be impossible. Some would look at my ‘dating data’ and call me a failure, but I consider it a success. It only took me until I was twenty-six years old to finally know what it is I AM LOOKING FOR in a relationship. NOW I know that it is NOT WORTH SETTLING just to keep yourself from having to be alone.

I settled in my last relationship. He was an amazing guy, but he wasn’t an amazing guy for me. I went through hell and back, and I have nothing to show for it except faded mascara stains on my pillow case from the tears. I don’t want anyone to ever have to feel they need to settle. I want to motivate people to find themselves, and then find someone who is going to love the hell out them.

They say we learn best from experience. I am trying to prevent anyone from having to experience what I have had to experience. I hope that by reading and learning about my experiences, you can see the crash coming before you find yourself engulfed in the flames.

That is why I write. That is why I am here. That is why when people e-mail me with questions, I always find time to respond. I am not here trying to change anyone, I am here to hopefully open the eyes of some that might not be seeing the full picture. I am here to make you laugh. I am here to make sure that you know, that you’re not alone.

Thank you all for reading and for all the wonderful feedback. If you want to hear more from me I urge you to please follow my blog, like and comment on posts, and let me know that you’re out there. I promise I will bring some laughter into the next post and not be so serious! Good luck out there and happy soul searching! xoxo


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