Long Time No See…

I have not posted a blog in quite some time. Why? I am not sure. It can be very draining when you are new to blogging and you have to find ways to cope with the negative feedback you receive. I suppose I was burnt out very early on, and what was once fun, no longer was.

I am back, and I am better now. I’ve developed the ‘I DON’T GIVE A SHIT’ disease, and it has been very freeing. This is a dating blog, so I won’t bore you any longer with why I have been gone, but instead update you on what it is I have been doing!

Since my last post, I have been on a few dates and I have plenty of new material to share! From the time I accidentally kidnapped a man, to ongoing escapades with my neighbor, I have had quite the winter/spring/summer. I look forward to posting the new material, so keep an eye out!

Please comment or subscribe so I know you’re out there! I am so excited to share my latest stories in the world of dating as a 20-something girl!

Thank you and happy soul searching!


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