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Long Time No See…

I have not posted a blog in quite some time. Why? I am not sure. It can be very draining when you are new to blogging and you have to find ways to cope with the negative feedback you receive. I suppose I was burnt out very early on, and what was once fun, no longer was.

I am back, and I am better now. I’ve developed the ‘I DON’T GIVE A SHIT’ disease, and it has been very freeing. This is a dating blog, so I won’t bore you any longer with why I have been gone, but instead update you on what it is I have been doing!

Since my last post, I have been on a few dates and I have plenty of new material to share! From the time I accidentally kidnapped a man, to ongoing escapades with my neighbor, I have had quite the winter/spring/summer. I look forward to posting the new material, so keep an eye out!

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Thank you and happy soul searching!


Asking a girl out IRL…

I had a reader send me an e-mail recently about a situation he has found himself in. There is a girl that works at a local establishment that he visits. He is attracted to this girl, and thinks that it may be mutual, and would like to know if he should ask her out.

The answer is…YES!

Any opportunity where you don’t ask a girl out is an automatic failure. That is why I have never hesitated in my life to give my phone number to a complete stranger. The worst thing that can happen is NOTHING. You never hear from them again! Then at least you can rest easy knowing that you tried, and you never have to sit up at night wondering ‘what if’.

There are some major things to consider when you are contemplating asking a girl out in her place of work. This procedure needs to be accomplished with more grace and caution than an online girl, or some girl at a bar. Depending on the nature of her job, she could be surrounded by coworkers and other customers at the time you make this attempt. This is why you have to make sure to do it in the right way.


Chances are this person may not always be the one taking care of you when you visit the establishment. For example: If this girl is a waitress, you might not be seated in her area every time you come in to dine. DON’T request to be put in her area, or offer up your spot in line in order to have her waiting on you. Co-workers TALK, and this seemingly safe maneuver can result in her thinking you are being creepy. That being said, just because she isn’t the one that takes care of you, doesn’t mean you can’t ask her out. Don’t try to set up the Hollywood romance scene that you have been day dreaming about. She isn’t going to throw her notebook to the ground and undo her hair and take you on a table…IF THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE — PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT IT! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT.


It may be tempting to begin the conversation with a simple compliment to engage her… I actually had a pretty intense debate with a male and female friend of mine the other night. The male believed the compliment was necessary in order to set the tone. However, the two of us girls agreed we would much rather NOT be complimented at this time. There are a few reasons why the compliment is NOT a good idea…

  1. The compliment can draw attention to the situation. As I mentioned, there is a good chance coworkers and other customers will be in ear shot of this conversation. I might not care to eavesdrop on another transactional conversation between my coworker and a customer, but the second I hear something a little less transactional…my ears perk up. You DON’T want to DRAW ATTENTION to this conversation! It can embarrass her and do the exact opposite of what you intended with the compliment.
  2. The compliment defines the intentions. Girls are very analytical when it comes to the opposite sex. We will spend hours tearing apart a single sentence to find some underlying meaning to it. If you compliment her, she will likely assume you are wanting to date her, or have sex with her. This puts the pressure on, and can make her shy away from texting or calling you.
  3. We are girls…we get compliments ALL the time. Your lack of compliment can actually separate you from the pack and make you seem mysterious and more intriguing to the girl.
  4. We don’t need a compliment to make us smile, your phone number is PLENTY.

Once you have successfully given her your number and received your first text from her, that is when you can open up a little bit more. I am not saying to never compliment the girl, but I think at least in the initial swap it should be avoided.


It is extremely important to keep this interaction very short and to the point. This benefits you in a few ways…

  1. You leave her wondering. If you don’t say a lot and just offer up your phone number and leave, she is going to spend the rest of her shift thinking about you. She will probably spend the better part of an hour staring at the slip of paper you wrote your number on…just wondering…
  2. The short interaction leaves less time for anyone to notice it is happening. This means she won’t feel embarrassed or be hounded by her coworkers who will offer to help her tear apart the situation. She can instead feel good about herself and go on with her normal workday.
  3. You won’t be seen as an inconvenience to her when she is trying to perform her job. For example: If she is a Barista, she likely has a zillion things to do and can’t spend a lot of time talking to you. She will APPRECIATE your thoughtfulness in being quick and to the point.


Do not ASK her a question. Do not say “Would you like to go out sometime?” or “Can I give you my phone number?” This opens up the opportunity for her to make a quick assessment and say NO. You stand a much better chance with this girl if you put the ball in her court with time still on the clock. Simply say something along the lines of…”Hey I would be interested in getting to know more about you, here’s my phone number, text me if you are interested.” It is THAT SIMPLE. Then WALK away. When you walk away, don’t just storm out like a coward. Walk casually off to the exit, and make sure to turn back and look at her. Don’t look at her like a CREEP, but just a soft gentle glance, and then keep on walking.

The reason I suggest the look back, is because it shows CONFIDENCE. You are not afraid to give this girl your number, and you’re NOT afraid to look her in the eye. Do not ruin a perfect setup by putting your tail between your legs and stumbling off like Napoleon Dynamite in a head first run. The look back also gives you the opportunity to see her true reaction…is she smiling? Is she tossing your number in the trash? Is she gushing about you to a coworker? You might catch a peek of that as you turn to look which can help you determine your chance of success.


After this interaction occurs, unfortunately you might not hear from her or you might get a text that says she isn’t interested in hanging out. The important thing is to just ACCEPT the fact that she isn’t interested. Do NOT bring it up to her again. This is a risky deal because chances are you frequent this establishment. It could be a restaurant, bank, grocery store, and anywhere really. You don’t want to make it awkward for her or yourself when you have to visit again.

The most important lesson that I hope you take away from this is DON’T be afraid to take a chance. You might not get the response you want, but it is a hell of a lot better than never knowing. The majority of the relationships that I have been in started from someone taking a chance. The worst thing that can happen is they say NO, but you’ll never know until you try.

Have you ever taken a chance and asked out a person at their place of work? How did it go? Ladies! Weigh in! How do you feel about being complimented at your place of work by a customer?  Please comment below with your thoughts and opinions! I look forward to reading them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! We did a Rock & Roll themed Halloween at my work:

Rock&Roll Jenn

Rock&Roll Jenn

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I have been perusing the messages and eligible bachelors of okcupid, POF, and Tinder over the course of the past few months. As I have previously mentioned, this summer I went on over thirty FIRST dates from the online dating world. I emphasize the word FIRST because that is all that ever came of these dates. After spending time messaging back and forth with these individuals, I eventually agreed to go on a date, and then the date ended and so did our communication. A week and a half ago, I finally broke my first date curse and found a man that I definitely wanted to see for a second time. Why did this guy make it to round two, when over thirty other men didn’t, and hundreds didn’t even get the chance to try? Well…let me break it down for you…

I spend a lot of time criticizing and offering up suggestions for improvements on online dating profiles. The point of having a great profile is to successfully get to that first date. This is your sales pitch (contrary to match.com’s commercial claims). This is your chance to catch the eye, and then the mind of an individual that could possibly be a match for you. If you don’t have a profile that can grab the attention of viewers, then you’re going to find yourself having a hard time landing dates.

I have mentioned repeatedly the importance of honesty when you’re making your profile. This is a sales pitch, but you don’t want to give false advertising just to get a date. The reason why, is because when this girl meets you for the first time, you can’t hide behind your profile and lies anymore. You don’t want a girl’s first impression of you to be filled with disappointment. It is hard enough trying to imagine a person that you’ve never met, based on pictures and descriptions alone. Obviously when we start to imagine you, we imagine you in the most ideal of form. When I say FORM I don’t mean chiseled abs and defined arms, I mean FORM as in the model of yourself that you’ve described.

The number one reason why all of my FIRST dates never grew into anything more than that, is because of false advertising. It is because I couldn’t get over things that people lied about in order to catch my eye. I have spelled all of these out before…the short TALL guy, the quiet OUTGOING guy, the HEAVY fit guy… Could I get over some of these infractions? Yeah I probably could, but being lied to hurts so it makes it kind of hard to do that.

I like to think about online dating as something very similar to job hunting. You look through all the listings and try to find ones that you feel you would be interested in doing, or qualified to do (scanning dating profiles). After you make your choices, you reach out to the company and apply for the job and submit you resume (message girls). If the company sees your resume and thinks that you would be a good fit for the job, then they will call you in for an interview (girl messages you back). Then you go in for the interview and tell them why you would make a good fit for the company (messaging back and forth with girl). If the company decides that they want to extend an offer, then you have a job (congrats you got a date).

HERE is the part where if you LIED in your resume or in your interview, the company is going to find out. If you claim to know how to program in Java, then on your first day you’re given a task in Java and you can’t code it, then they’re going to know you lied. This will likely result in your employment being terminated because YOU SHOULDN’T LIE ON A RESUME! This is very similar to when you go on that first date… you can’t hide anymore. It is no longer about a sales pitch, or how good at interviews you may be… this is real. This is why so many men can’t get past the first date.

The point is…be real and be true…there is NO POINT in lying because if you plan on seeing this through, eventually it is going to come out in the open. So why did this guy make it to date number two when so many others failed? Because he was exactly who he said he was, which was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t feel disappointment, instead I felt excited, and anxious to see this person again. Don’t leave your dates feeling like they were fooled…make them feel like they just won the online dating lottery by being with you!

Thank you for reading! What is the biggest thing that you have been lied to about through online dating? Have you ever lied and someone was able to see past it? I would love to hear your feedback and comments! Please follow my blog if you enjoyed what you read and would like to read more! You can also follow me on twitter @how2cupid for updates on when new posts are up! If you have a suggestion or a comment you would prefer private, please feel free to e-mail me at how2cupid@gmail.com.

Thanks again and Happy Soul Searching! xoxo

The Disappearing Act…

A reader e-mailed me with a problem that they have faced in online dating.

“On those rare occasions when I get responses to the numerous e-mails I send out and good conversation occurs, going back and forth for a day, a week, maybe two weeks and then sudden and absolute silence from the female occurs, what just happened?”

I can’t speak for every girl in the online dating world, but I can at least give you a few ideas as to why the disappearing act happened. I know how disappointing it can be to feel a connection growing with someone, and then they disappear in the blink of an eye. You’re left with no answer as to why, and can only wonder what happened. I have three theories as to why a girl disappears in the midst of a good messaging string.

Too Late…

Most women that I know are at least talking consistently with 2-3 different guys at a time. These 2-3 men have surpassed the initial inspection and are onto the next step in this process. Out of the 2-3 guys, one of them is going to either stand out, or ask for her number first. I know a lot of guys are not sure WHEN the best time to ask for her phone number is, but I would say that after a week it would be acceptable. I normally will swap phone numbers after just a day or two, just because it is easier to text than it is to message through the apps.

When a girl gets a phone number from a guy, she tends to ease off of the dating website, and starts spending more of her time texting with this guy. This man has made it to step 3 in the process and is on his way to getting a date. Because this girl is now spending more of her time texting this guy, she somewhat, if not entirely drops off of the online dating world. This means that the other 1-2 guys that she was messaging with are no longer in her focus. She will likely reappear if the first date doesn’t go well with the texting guy, but if she never does…then i’m sorry to say she’s likely off the market.

Outside World…

Very similar to the above scenario, the outside world can cause the disappearing act too. We live in the day and age of NOW. We want things NOW! Patience is a virtue that we almost don’t have to have anymore because everything is so instant. Although she has enjoyed conversing with you on the dating website, an attractive man at the grocery store could cut off that communication stream in an instant. When we meet men in real life, there is no week long messaging that results in a phone number and date. Instead we immediately jump to phone number, and the first date could be the next day. It is much more instant, and therefore more desirable in our mind.

If she meets someone in real life, she might not log onto the dating websites ever again. It sucks when you have put in so much effort through a weeks worth of messaging, but ready rice is a lot more tempting than having to boil and strain out regular rice. If this new prospect ends up not being a match, then she might resurface eventually, and likely will tell you she’s been busy at work.

Transaction vs Connection…

I have found many times I will be messaging with a guy and out of nowhere it starts to feel like work. There is a fine line between a TRANSACTION and a CONNECTION. If I find myself searching for things to talk about in order to keep the conversation going, it feels more like a transaction to me. A connection is where you find yourself having so much to talk about, that there are not enough hours in the day to go through all of it. It takes little to no effort to message back and forth with this person because you have a great CONNECTION.

When I start to feel like I am having to try TOO hard in order to maintain a conversation, I get disinterested very quickly. Normally when I start to feel the disinterest, I will just message the guy and let him know that I don’t see a connection. However, some men can be pretty needy and want to know what’s wrong, what they could do differently, etc etc. Because there is always the possibility of having to spend extra time explaining your feelings, this can be a less appealing thing to do. That is why I think a lot of girls tend to just stop messaging altogether, and hope that you’ll take the hint.

I have had a lot of guys ask me WHY I don’t see a connection, and ask WHAT they can do to change. Finding out why I don’t see a connection, isn’t going to help you connect with someone else. Just because you’re not MY type, doesn’t mean that you’re NOT someone else’s TYPE. That’s why I think a lot of girls try to avoid being asked these questions. We don’t want to be responsible for someone trying to change who they are as a person. That is why I tread very lightly when I offer up one-on-one advice to guys.

For example: If you are very outdoorsy, then I won’t feel a connection with you. I HATE the outdoors. Unless I am on a beach with a cocktail, I would much rather stay inside. I agree that opposites attract, but there is no way in hell I am sleeping in a tent. I don’t want you to stop doing things that you love, just because I don’t love those things and I most likely NEVER WILL. Relationships are about compromise, but I think that there is a certain level of compromise that should be off limits.

Another example: I typically will not talk to guys that are into running marathons, and similar running activities. When I was a teenager, I broke both sides of my ankle on a trampoline. Fortunately they were able to reattach the bone by screwing them together, and I was able to walk again. HOWEVER I am not able to run anymore. I could run, if I was being chased by something or someone, but I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I will never be able to run with you, or participate in marathons, because I am physically incapable. So when your profile says you would love a girl who can go running with you, I already know that we wouldn’t work out because of this. I could follow you in my car, but I think that takes away some of the magic of ‘running together’.

In conclusion, I can’t necessarily give you an EXACT reason WHY a girl disappears, but I wouldn’t rule out any of my theories. That is why I would suggest to not wait more than a WEEK before giving her your phone number. You don’t need to spend weeks and months messaging each other before taking that step, and if the messaging has been consistent and equal, then she will likely be glad you made the move. It doesn’t hurt to at least throw your phone number out there, and give her the option.

“Hey, I definitely will keep talking to you on here if you would prefer…but I wanted you to have my phone number if you decide you would rather text me. (###)###-####. :)”

TADA!!! Now she has your phone number and the ball is in her court, and I think you would be surprised at how quickly she will text you. If she doesn’t text you, then she’s possibly timid, or she might not be THAT interested. There are TWO very important things to remember depending on the result of this message:

She Doesn’t Text: KEEP TALKING TO HER! Act as though the phone number suggestion never happened, and continue the messaging stream through the dating website like normal. Don’t make her feel pressured to switch to texting, and show her that you don’t care HOW you two talk, just as long as you’re talking.

SHE TEXTS!!!: Although text messaging is a new platform for your communication, it is important to keep it similar to the last one. Think about when you get a new pet…if you plan on feeding it a different food than what it used to eat, you have to ween the pet with the new food slowly. The same applies in this situation. You want to keep the messaging similar to what it was through the app, but throw in some surprises occasionally. Pictures are a great tool to use! Send her pictures occasionally of either yourself, a pet, food, or anything you think she might enjoy seeing. The pictures make her view you as more than just a random guy on a dating site, she starts to think of you as a real person.

Thank you for reading and also thank you to the reader that suggested this topic!!! I hope that I was able to shed a little light on why girls have disappeared on you in the past. Have I missed any possible reasons why a girl (or guy) stops messaging? Is there something that has caused you to cut off communication with someone? I would love to hear about! Please follow my blog if you would like to read more and so I know you’re out there! Please feel free to suggest topics for future posts by either commenting below, tweeting me @how2cupid, or e-mailing me directly at how2cupid@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Good luck & happy soul searching!!! xoxo

Upcoming Posts!!!

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I look forward to hearing your suggestions and writing up new material for you!!!!!! Thanks for reading and happy soul searching! xoxo


Being Alive

When you have been single for an extended period of time you start to get used to it. You begin to accept your solo life and start to become selfish. Not a BAD version of selfish. When you have been on your own for so long, you start to think in terms of you, and don’t have to consider anyone else. Eventually, for most people, you will find someone that will want to be in your world, and you’ll want them to be in there too. This is when things can get a little weird…but a good weird! 🙂

One of my favorite musicals is called ‘Company’. And in Company, Robert, a mid-thirties bachelor, realizes that although he thought being alone was grand, he didn’t want that anymore. He performed a song called ‘Being Alive’. This song was the breaking point for this character, when he finally accepted that being alone and free could not possibly hold a candle to being with someone. If you have never watched Neil Patrick Harris belt out this song before, you can find it here on YouTube: Being Alive. I highly recommend it.

The song points out a lot of things that as a single person, you don’t have to deal with, but when you let someone in, you do. I know I preach a lot about how great single life is, but there comes a time when that journey needs to go in a different path…the path out of single-hood and into a relationship with another person.

It is an exciting moment when you meet someone and you think that they could be that person. Even if you don’t know them very well, or for very long, you start imagining what it would be like with this person. What it would be like to have someone who cares about you in that way. Instead of coming home to tell your cats about your day, there is this person who may not always care to hear about it, but they are still there to listen. To have that comfort that even in dark times…whether it be a death, injury, illness, or a bad day….that at least there is someone out there that cares about you in that way that no one else does.

No longer do you have to sit at the single’s table at events…no longer do you find yourself clinging to a baseball bat when you hear something strange outside at night…no longer do you have to answer that dreaded question on whether or not you’re dating anybody… The world completely changes, and in so many good ways.

THE WORST however…is when you meet someone and you start getting hopeful that they are the person that will finally turn everything around…and then they’re gone in the blink of an eye. You’re left shaken, because you started to strip down and become vulnerable to this person and then they wounded you…You find yourself trying to quickly bandage up the cuts…but only time can heal things like this…

It’s funny…no matter how long or short the time spent with someone is…it still hurts if they leave. It still makes you scared to put yourself out there again. Disappointment can be more painful and debilitating than having your heart broken. To get your hopes up and be so high and happy, and to have it torn away in an instant… it really hurts.

Hope is a powerful thing. You might not always know why something didn’t happen the way you thought it would, sometimes we don’t get answers. However, we all have been disappointed before, and we all have been able to build ourselves back up before the next blow. One of these times…you won’t have to rebuild….because one of these times….they won’t disappoint you.

I am a self-proclaimed serial dater, but I still have a heart and feelings too. Anytime I go on a new date with a new guy (remember I had over 30 of them this past summer…) I run the risk of being disappointed, being hurt, and being left. It never stops me though…because every time that something didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to, I would go back and listen to my favorite song, ‘Being Alive’. Because this song reminds me why it is worth all the pain in the end, it reminds me why I keep getting up to bat.

Don’t let the fear of failure and disappointment stop you from finding this person…I can promise you I won’t let it stop me.

Thanks for reading & Happy Soul Searching.


Tough Love….Men & Messages….

I normally try to not repeat topics so that my material is always new and untouched. However there is a topic that I covered in an earlier post that I believe needs to be brought back up and thoroughly reexamined.


**Slightly explicit material near the end, reader discretion is advised.**

If I had a dime for every time a man wrote me a message to tell me how rude I am for not messaging him back (even if it is to just let him know that I am not interested)…I could quit my job. I have never noticed this habit as much on okcupid, however on POF this seems to be an hourly battle.


Since my initial entry into POF, my daily message stream has calmed down considerably. However, that still leaves me with at least 50+ messages a day. I don’t check my messages the second they are received, I normally check them when I wake up, during lunch, and while i’m lounging around later. So when I do check my messages there are normally around 20 or so to go through at a time.

The men of the online dating world have expressed that they feel that if I am NOT interested, I should still send a response to let them know. In case you have never had a lot of messages in your POF inbox, let me tell you how this app works.

FIRST: I have to scroll down through all the messages in order to get to the first one I have not read. This can take a few flicks of my finger on the screen to get there.

SECOND: I open your message and read it, if your message hasn’t completely scared me off, I will view your profile.

THIRD: Upon viewing the profile I will decide whether or not I am interested. IF I am NOT interested, I will switch back to my inbox and move on to the next message.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE APP. If I were to do as all of you think I should, and respond to EVERY message that comes my way…after I type and send my message, the app takes me back to the top of my inbox. So then I have to go back to step one and work my way through the steps once again. If I DON’T message you back to tell you i’m not interested, then I can go to where I left off in my inbox instead and quickly get to the next message.

“Oh that’s just you being lazy, it wouldn’t take that much extra time to message a person back to let them know you’re not interested…”

I agree, that sounds like a pretty lame excuse to not send a letter of declination. HOWEVER the problem is  the person will RESPOND to my message, and 9 times out of 10 ask me WHY I’M NOT INTERESTED. This starts the never-ending loop. If I try to reply to 50 messages and tell them all i’m not interested…at least half of them will respond wanting to know why, and the other half will respond to thank me and move along. So now I have doubled my daily inbox intake to AT LEAST 100 messages a day. (AND THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THREE APPS I’M A MEMBER ON!)

The point is when a girl doesn’t message you back, go ahead and assume she is NOT interested. If she responds and doesn’t say ‘i’m not interested’ then that means SHE PROBABLY IS INTERESTED! 

I have had some people who have messaged me a few times…first the initial message, followed by a sad face or a ‘I guess you’re not interested…’, followed by a message calling me some kind of name (slut, bitch, whore, skank, jerk, etc) for not messaging them to tell them i’m not interested. There have been a few times that I decided to speak up and let the person know that i’m not interested and that it is nearly impossible for me to message EVERY ONE back to tell them that.

I won’t do that again…WHY? WHYYYYYY? Because every guy that I have EVER told “I am NOT interested in YOU“, has ALWAYS come back and attacked me about how I am such a superficial person for NOT being interested in them. They think that because they don’t have abs, perfect hair, great height…THAT is WHY I am NOT INTERESTED in them. Here are some excerpts from the message stream:

  • “Oh i’m sorry just because I don’t get drunk and hit girls I guess i’m not good enough”
  • “What do I have to do? Join a gym? Start binge drinking? Cheat on you? Is that what you want?”
  • “I’m a nice guy, it sucks you have to be such a superficial bitch or you would see that.”
  • “F**k you. You’re f**king ugly anyway and I was just going to f**k you and leave.”
  • “You’re a stuck up bitch and probably full of STDs anyway…”
  • “You will wish you would have gave me a chance when some guy leaves you bruised and bloody you stupid c*nt”

Yeah…this is what I get to read every single day. I didn’t even pick the bad ones, some people are REALLY messed up. It sucks because online dating is something that I think should be fun, and I feel bad that I have upset so many people, but i’m here to make ME happy…That’s the point of these sites. I don’t understand people who waste their time attacking someone through messages when they should be spending their time looking for the right girl (or boy).

I wish I had the time to message back every single person and give them some detailed account of WHY i’m not interested…but I have a life, a job, cats, family, friends, and so many other things going on that keep me from spending my day responding to messages. What kind of life would that be to have to spend it hurting people’s feelings and telling them WHY you’re not interested? A REALLY SHITTY AND SAD ONE! So I prefer to keep my positive vibes and only message those that I am honestly interested in.

I’m sorry if this was a little bit of tough love, but seriously suck it up. So many men on dating sites act like I OWE THEM something…I don’t owe you shit. If that makes me a superficial bitch, then I guess I am a superficial bitch. I’m going to instead focus on positive energy and the nice messages, and the messages from the guys I decide I am interested in…

How many girls out there have experienced something similar? This happens in real life too! I would love to hear your feedback.

MEN: Would you like to counter any of my points and reasonings? I would love to hear about it!

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