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Long Time No See…

I have not posted a blog in quite some time. Why? I am not sure. It can be very draining when you are new to blogging and you have to find ways to cope with the negative feedback you receive. I suppose I was burnt out very early on, and what was once fun, no longer was.

I am back, and I am better now. I’ve developed the ‘I DON’T GIVE A SHIT’ disease, and it has been very freeing. This is a dating blog, so I won’t bore you any longer with why I have been gone, but instead update you on what it is I have been doing!

Since my last post, I have been on a few dates and I have plenty of new material to share! From the time I accidentally kidnapped a man, to ongoing escapades with my neighbor, I have had quite the winter/spring/summer. I look forward to posting the new material, so keep an eye out!

Please comment or subscribe so I know you’re out there! I am so excited to share my latest stories in the world of dating as a 20-something girl!

Thank you and happy soul searching!



I have been reading a lot of messages and profiles recently on online dating sites. It really started making me think about certain phrases and words I saw often, and how subjective a lot of what we say can be. For example: I say I enjoy drinking wine. My version of enjoying drinking wine is trying different wines, exploring their different characteristics and learning about them. However, to another person, enjoying drinking wine might mean that in the random occasion that they are at a bar, they enjoy a glass of wine as their drink of choice. However, to ANOTHER person, this may mean that they enjoy binge drinking wine (a handle of Moscato or White Zinfandel) on frequent occasions resulting in black outs and random sex-capades.

The point is, if I met a person and we both said we enjoyed drinking wine, at first it appears to be something we have in common. However, in our own individual contexts, we might not actually have anything in common. This can apply in a number of situations, but what I plan to discuss today are some common terms and phrases in the dating world that can be very subjective.

“Crazy girls need not apply.”

Well apparently this person must want no girls…because it is likely that at some point in every girl’s life she has been considered crazy. I know that I have been referred to as a ‘crazy girl’ before by some men that I have met. However, it is possible that MY kind of crazy is NOT the kind of crazy that you are trying to avoid.

I knew a guy who had an ex-girlfriend that actually broke in to his home and attacked him in his sleep. I would consider her crazy. However, my obsessive need to make plans in advance may have appeared crazy to the guy who called me it…but I would never break into a guy’s house and attack him in his sleep. (Unless it was preplanned with him…and for fun!) Every girl has their own version of ‘crazy’, it is just about finding the right guy who finds our ‘crazy’ not so…crazy?

That’s why I think that instead of using the blanket term crazy when listing what you are not looking for, it may be more beneficial to elaborate a bit. For example: In the case of my obsessive need to make plans in advance. The person could say “I am not really a planner, and I don’t like to follow a schedule. So if that is something that is important to you, then it is possible we might not click.” Now you have clearly defined what it is you might NOT be looking for, and you didn’t have to say crazy in order to do it. So the OCD girls will click away, move on, and not waste your time and you can find the ‘un-crazy’ girl of your dreams.

“I’m a really nice guy.”

There was this guy I knew…he used to post on Facebook all the time! Always whining about how he was such a nice guy, and how he didn’t understand why girls didn’t want him, but only wanted assholes. I have seen a number of profiles and messages of men either making the same argument or just in general saying that they are a nice guy.

Men of the world, most girls don’t actually seek out assholes. A lot of the time we are completely unaware that our man is an asshole, until his assholic-ness shines through. That being said, I also think that almost every guy is a nice guy. Because it really depends on what your definition of NICE GUY is.

Is a nice guy just someone who doesn’t cheat? Maybe to some…Is a nice guy just someone who holds doors for women and always pays? Maybe to some…Is a nice guy someone who never argues or verbally battles with a woman? Maybe to some…Is a nice guy just someone who doesn’t beat women? Maybe to some…

The point is there is no globally used definition for a NICE GUY. It can be a number of things, and it might not always mean the same thing to different people.

Fun Story…

My ex and I were out to dinner one night. Dinner ended and we were getting ready to leave. I stopped to use the restroom before we left to head home. When I walked out of the restroom he wasn’t in the corridor waiting. I waited a few minutes, just incase he also had to go…Finally I decided to head out to the parking lot to see if he had gone out there. I walked out to the parking lot to find that his truck was gone. I stood around, looking, trying to see if he was anywhere…. I tried calling him… I started to worry, but just then he zipped around the corner and puled up next to me. He was laughing his ass off from watching me look like an idiot while I wondered whether or not he had left.

So…I THOUGHT IT WAS HILARIOUS! I laughed the whole ride home as we replayed the story over and over again. I told other people about it because I thought it was so funny…I was surprised to see that so many people called him an asshole by the time I finished the story. I didn’t think he was an asshole for doing that, I thought it was an awesome stunt, and for the most part, he is a pretty nice guy. WAIT WHAT?!?! NICE GUYS CANNOT BE ASSHOLES!!!!!! Umm…yes…they can…

Personally I don’t like when a guy is overly nice. I want them to have ‘nice’ traits…don’t cheat on me, don’t ignore me, don’t physically or verbally abuse me… but I like a guy with a little fight in him. My major point is instead of saying “I’M SUCH A NICE GUY!” say WHY you are and tell more about YOU. Otherwise it could get lost in translation and girls might skip over you because they are worried you will be ‘too nice’.

Wow. I have a lot more but this is getting really wordy. So perhaps this will be a PART 1 of MANY! 🙂 I try to keep these posts relatively short so they are a little less daunting to read. There are many more words and phrases out there. Just take these two examples and read through your profile, or your messages, and see if you can find more examples.

What are YOUR definitions for the two samples above? Let’s see how different or alike they may be! I think you’ll find it’s a little hard to break your perception of the phrase and put it into words. What do you think about the stunt my ex pulled? Asshole? or Hilarious? Please follow my blog, and like/comment/share my posts if you enjoyed what you have read! That is the only way I will know you all are out there! 🙂 You can also follow me on Twitter @how2cupid for updates on when new posts are up! Thank you and happy soul searching! xoxo

Why I write…

I have had a few messages where people have asked the question “Why are you doing this?” It is understandable why people are wondering WHY I decided to dedicate a fifth of my day to writing and talking to complete strangers about their problems. Well there are two main reasons WHY I do what I do:

  2. I love to help people.

Every single time I receive a message from a lost soul asking for some guidance, it makes my whole day to try to help that person. Even if in the end I only succeed in helping ONE person, it would all be worth it. I love hearing your stories, partly because it makes me feel like i’m not alone, and because with my analytical personality I can’t wait to dive deeper and find the root of the problem.

I love to make people laugh too. Whether it is openly admitting that I HAVE actually put deodorant between my butt cheeks to test my fart theory, or detailing a horrific date where I was forced to smell a man’s deodorant, I am glad to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

I used to write a lot when I was younger. I would spend hours attached to a composition book, writing short stories, song lyrics, and whatever happened to be on my mind that day. When you become an adult, your imagination begins to shrink, and finding TIME to express yourself in your creative outlet of choice becomes almost impossible.

It was while I hastily slurped my wine, and retyped my online dating profile that I finally felt that sense of creativity that I have missed so much. I never lost my ability or my imagination, I just needed to refocus and find where it would fit in my life today. Any great writer will tell you that one of the most important parts about writing is to write about WHAT YOU KNOW. I have spent five years battling the wars of adulthood and dating, and if only my twenty-one year old self would’ve known what I know now…I could have saved myself a lot of heartache.

I KNOW relationships, I KNOW dating, and I have become quite the expert in ONLINE DATING. I went on over thirty FIRST dates this summer, and to come up with a figure for a lifetime tally would be impossible. Some would look at my ‘dating data’ and call me a failure, but I consider it a success. It only took me until I was twenty-six years old to finally know what it is I AM LOOKING FOR in a relationship. NOW I know that it is NOT WORTH SETTLING just to keep yourself from having to be alone.

I settled in my last relationship. He was an amazing guy, but he wasn’t an amazing guy for me. I went through hell and back, and I have nothing to show for it except faded mascara stains on my pillow case from the tears. I don’t want anyone to ever have to feel they need to settle. I want to motivate people to find themselves, and then find someone who is going to love the hell out them.

They say we learn best from experience. I am trying to prevent anyone from having to experience what I have had to experience. I hope that by reading and learning about my experiences, you can see the crash coming before you find yourself engulfed in the flames.

That is why I write. That is why I am here. That is why when people e-mail me with questions, I always find time to respond. I am not here trying to change anyone, I am here to hopefully open the eyes of some that might not be seeing the full picture. I am here to make you laugh. I am here to make sure that you know, that you’re not alone.

Thank you all for reading and for all the wonderful feedback. If you want to hear more from me I urge you to please follow my blog, like and comment on posts, and let me know that you’re out there. I promise I will bring some laughter into the next post and not be so serious! Good luck out there and happy soul searching! xoxo

Plenty of…. MATCHES?!?!

I have been an a frequent okcupid user for the past few years. I can’t even really remember why I decided to start using okcupid, but it has been a front runner for me for years. I had a lot of fun on the Tinder app and exploring the capabilities it had to offer. However I found a few bugs in the app that really started to get on my nerves, so I decided to explore other apps.

I used match.com for a short while about five years ago. I couldn’t really remember why I stopped using it, so I decided to give it another chance. After spending about 30 minutes putting together my match.com profile, it was approved, and the messages started flowing. However when I went to view these messages, I couldn’t because I was not a paying subscriber. I must have had a free trial before, and I forgot that was why it was free! I would have actually thrown down some money for this site, I liked a lot of what I had viewed so far, and I was anxious to talk to a few people. However their subscription pricing plans stopped me in my tracks…

  • 6 months: $21.99/month
  • 3 months: $24.99/month
  • 1 month: $42.99/month

I know a lot of people say that when you pay-to-play you get a higher quality of potential matches. I don’t think I necessarily believe that to be true. Not to ‘toot my own horn’ but I think that I could be a great match for the right guy, but I am not willing to spend as much as $42.99/month to find him.

I decided to refocus my efforts, and look for a less expensive, preferably free alternative. When I first started online dating it was about five years ago. I have disappeared from the world from time to time when I am either in a relationship or fed up, but it all started about five years ago. The first dating site to pop my online dating ‘cherry’ was Plenty of Fish. I am sure that many of you have either heard of it, or have used it before. Plenty of Fish is very similar to okcupid, and it helps that it is free to use.

I started up a new profile on my phone and the initial setup process only took me about five minutes. I didn’t have time to really add a whole lot of information, but I posted a picture and a message letting people know I would add more later. Since I opened my account at 4:26pm eastern standard time, I have received over 100 messages. I haven’t even had the chance to update my profile. The app can’t handle uploading a photo and receiving a message at the same time, so there were issues there as well. Just to give you an idea, after reading through all the messages, within ten minutes I had this…

Holy Moly

Holy Moly

The messages keep coming in… I have seventeen new messages since I took that screenshot a half hour ago. Then of course there is my lonely match.com message from some poor guy who probably spilled his heart out, but because I am a cheapskate I will never know what he said…

However, I am well aware of what the men of Plenty of Fish have to say. They clearly haven’t read my blog…in their defense I haven’t posted a link yet. I was going to entertain you with a collection of the worst and best messages that I have received so far, however this app has a very hard time handling high traffic and it is proving to be quite the challenge. Plus my cat is in my writing space…

My Assistant

My Assistant

Most of the messages so far are a combination of the ‘Hey, how are you?’, ‘What’s up sexy?’, ‘Have you ever considered a sugar daddy type relationship?’, ‘Future wife.’, ‘Please message me’, and the list goes on…some messages were too vulgar to post in my blog. I try to keep this as PG-13 as I can. I am sure as the excitement of another fish in the pond wears off the messages will slow down. I have seen a lot of new faces on this app, I have also seen a lot of familiar faces as well.

I highly recommend to any of you trying online dating to make profiles on numerous sites. This expands your reach and gives you more options. You never know who you may find out there. And for those of you that think it is so easy being a pretty girl on these sites, you couldn’t be more wrong. More than half the messages I get are just men looking for ass, and the other half just liked the way I looked. There is a very small percentage of men who message me, that actually have taken the time to learn about me, and want more than just a one night stand. Furthermore, not every guy that I message will message me back, and sometimes they message me back to tell me bad news.

For example, today I messaged a guy on okcupid that I thought was handsome and very interesting. The first few initial messages were going very well and I was actually kind of excited. That was until he dropped a bomb on me, and informed me that he recently has been seeing someone and although he would be glad to be my friend, that was all at this time. Will I be this guys friend? I don’t know, maybe. I appreciate the honestly, but I know myself all too well, and it is really hard for me to be friends with men I find attractive.

We all get shot down, it happens. But by expanding your reach, exploring new opportunities you CAN find someone, or at the very least find a new friend. I will continue to use the POF app, along with okcupid and Tinder. If you see me out there, don’t be afraid to say hello!

What is your favorite online dating site/app? Are you willing to pay the prices to be on match.com and other pay-to-play sites? Have you also made good friends through failed dating attempts? I love your stories and I look forward to reading them! Thank you for reading and happy soul searching! xoxo

Inner Monologue & What a Girl REALLY THINKS!

In 2000, Mel Gibson starred in a movie called ‘What Women Want’. In this movie, he was able to read the minds of women. Wouldn’t that be nice for EVERYONE if that was actually possible? I can’t grant a man the ability to look into my mind, but sometimes I wish they would. Now I know most of you will say ‘WHY NOT JUST TELL HIM WHAT YOU’RE THINKING?’…after reading through my inner monologues, I think you will understand WHY I can’t just tell him that. I can come across as a very up front and honest person, which I am, but even I have my limits.

This post is based on a combination of my thoughts during certain of dates that I have had. It is not based on one date, but a sum of all dates, and the thoughts that go through my mind at different parts. Some of these thoughts are for good dates, and some are for bad. Unfortunately I believe that for every nine bad dates you go on, you will go on one good date. So my thoughts are geared more towards the bad dates…

You see him waving at you out front of the restaurant…

“Hmm he is a lot shorter than I thought…”
“Could I walk away and act like i’m not me?”
“No! Go and have dinner with him! Maybe he will be taller when you get closer to him.”
“Holy shit…is that him? Wow OMG…should’ve wore the shorter dress…damn. Is there a chapel nearby?”

First introduction in front of the restaurant…

“Wow he talks fast…”
“Wow he hardly said a word…”
“He definitely didn’t get any taller…”
“I wish you would just come back to my place…who needs food..?”
“Who shakes hands on the first date? Now I won’t get a chance to see what he smells like…”
“Please stop hugging me and trying to rub your junk on me…let me get a few drinks first…”
“He had a few bats in the cave…”
“Did his mom dress him for this?”
“Has he heard of an iron?”
“Why are his pants so tight? Did he accidentally borrow his younger brothers?”
“At least he tucked his shirt in…”
“I wondered why none of his pictures showed his teeth…now I know…”
“Okay…you can do this! Go and have dinner, and just order alcohol…”

At the table…

“Why didn’t he pick a booth? I hate sitting at tables…”
“What what what… WHY is he ordering for me?”
“Short or tall? PLEASE waitress I like my beer, like I like my men… TALL.”
“Hmm what should I order? Since I don’t foresee a second date I am going to enjoy a double bacon cheeseburger because I don’t care what I look like while eating this…”
“I can’t order a salad…even though I want one…because contrary to popular belief a salad is NOT a safe choice to order on a date. Lettuce can be very un-sexy.”
“PASTA! I will go with the pasta! That will pair nicely with wine…let me hurry through this beer and get a wine list!”
“I wish he would’ve ordered alcohol for himself, would’ve loosened him up a bit…”
“At least sitting down I can’t see how tall he is…”
“Would my family like him?”

While Eating…

“Why yes I would love another glass of wine! Bring me the damn bottle.”
“Hmm I should really pay for my alcohol…although if he would’ve been less annoying I wouldn’t have felt the need to drink so much…”
“I wish that being tipsy would make him more interesting and attractive…”
“I can’t believe he ordered food with MAYO in it…I HATE MAYO…”
“Great there’s mayo on his lips…gross…”
“Could you close your mouth while you chew?”
“Bro it’s not a race…CHEW…but do it with your mouth shut.”
“Where’s my wine?”
“I wonder if it’s early enough I could squeeze in another date tonight…”
“I really hope he doesn’t try to kiss me…”
“Okay…start dropping friend words…”
“Did he honestly just ask me how I think the date is going?? I don’t want to have to tell him in person that it sucked…give me a chance to hide behind my phone and send you a text later…”
“Well I will ask the waitress for two checks, that should give him enough of a hint that he won’t try to kiss me…”

Walking out to your cars…

“Oh goodness I shouldn’t have drank so much…”
“Who am I kidding, that was my only method of survival…”
“Please don’t kiss me, please don’t kiss me…”
“Why is he just standing there fumbling with his keys?”
“Okay…I will get in MY car and shut the door…”
“Oh no oh no… here it goes he’s going to try…”
“Hug it out and pull away fast…”
“Ewwwww he kissed my cheek!”
“Could be worse…could have been your lips…just remember to wash the mayonnaise residue off your face when you get home…”
“YAY he is walking to his car and I am SAFE! Time to go home and tell the cats!”

Later at home…

“Will he text me? I hope so!”
“Please don’t text me…please tell me you got the hint…”
“Oh crap he texted me…’Wish I could’ve kissed you'”
“Uhhh…should I just never respond?”
“NO! That is rude! Respond and tell him that you didn’t feel a connection and move on!”
“Maybe throw in a few compliments about him to soften the blow…”
“Maybe I need a glass of wine before I do this..”
“WTF he just sent me a picture of his penis??? WHY do men think that I want to see that??”
“I might need two glasses of wine..”
“I will feed the cats, pick a movie on Netflix, and then I will message him back…”
“Oh yes…thank you for letting me know that you are thinking of me, because I was beginning to wonder what the symbolism for sending a picture of your man parts is?”
“Okay here it goes…’I had a great time tonight, but I honestly did not feel a connection. Thank you for dinner, and good luck in your search.'”
“Ten bucks says he asks WHY..”
“There it is…’WHY'”
“Why do I even bother?”

I know that some people might think that I am extremely picky, and very superficial. Maybe I am? I don’t know. However, would I necessarily write a guy off because of one of the listed infractions? NO. But if you did a lot of the things that I have listed, then we aren’t a match. I would never ask a guy to change who he is, and I have received a lot of feedback from guys who think that is what I am trying to do with this blog. BE YOURSELF. I am only pointing out things that don’t change your personality and who you are. I bring up height a lot, because I think height is the number one thing that men lie about on online dating sites. I’m not saying you aren’t datable because you’re not TALL, i’m saying I don’t want to date someone who felt they needed to lie about their height.

I hope maybe you are able to learn something from getting a look into my mind and some common thoughts that go through my head on first dates with online men. As I previously mentioned, this isn’t based on one bad date, it is based on a cumulation of ALL dates (good/bad). Have you ever found yourself thinking some of the same things? Tell me about them! What are some experiences you have had? I love to hear the stories and feedback.

ALSO!!!! I am really curious on any requests for future posts. A lot of my posts are based on things that have been requested by the readers. You can comment below with a request, or you can e-mail me @ how2cupid@gmail.com with your request. I can’t cover every topic requested, but I certainly will try!

Thank you for reading & happy soul searching! xoxo

A Day in MY LIFE…somedays…

This is a representation of my daily life and may not match up exactly to fellow single twenty somethings…but for fun….here is a day in my life…


I have 13 alarms set for a workday. They start at 4:45am and go all the way up to 7:30am. I normally wake up by the fifth alarm, but for some reason I feel the need to set the other 8 ‘just in case’. Although I can see that there are new blog updates, text messages, online dating messages, etc on my phone…I don’t read them right away. I go and take a shower first to wake up. It isn’t until I finish showering and start blow drying my hair that I finally go through my phone. I do a skim first and read over everything that is new for the day. I don’t actually respond until my first cup of coffee is fully consumed. When I am finished getting ready and have ate something for breakfast (recently it’s been chocolate pudding) I head to work. I work a normal schedule of 8-5, Monday through Friday. Nothing exciting typically happens during this time, just normal work stuff.

Early Evening…

When I get off of work at 5pm, I battle traffic to make it back to my apartment. The second I walk in to my apartment, I strip off all my work clothing and replace it with something comfy. Then I need to determine what I will spend my evening doing. Most days I will run over to the grocery store, snag a bottle of wine and a random frozen food. I don’t do ‘big shopping trips’ that I feed off of all week. As I mentioned in my post about single life and food servings, it’s hard as one person to not be wasteful with food.

When I get to the grocery store, I determine whether or not I will carry the annoying basket, push the mini cart, or brave it alone with nothing. This always reminds me of the old computer game The Oregon Trail. In the game, you would come upon a river and were given three options to cross it 1) Attempt to Ford the River (Carry All Groceries), 2) Caulk Wagon and Float it Across (Basket), and 3) Take a Ferry Across (Cart). If you choose to attempt to ford the river, you end up regretting it and losing some groceries along the way!

I get home from the grocery store and eat all the food I just purchased. By then it is around 7pm, which I have determined is an acceptable time to begin drinking wine. I pour my first glass and settle on my couch. Then this happens…

One Glass…

Start playing with phone and looking through messages and send a few friendly messages for company.

Two Glasses…

Out of the five or so people you initially started talking to during the first glass, you pick one that you will continue to talk to…

Three Glasses…

Hello ex-boyfriend/ex-fling/ex-crush my phone has decided we shall chat. And you don’t even have to respond, because by the fourth glass I will be talking to myself through our text conversation.

Morning Part Two…

Look at phone…pray your ex-boyfriend/ex-fling/ex-crush changed their number and never saw that side of you. VOW to never message them again (although that’s a lie). Try to come up with a clever reason for pouring your heart out the night before… Send message explaining self… “Wine texted you, not me.”…

Early Evening Part Two…

Receive text message from random guy who thinks he is buying you dinner. Crap…you forgot you promised him somewhere around the second glass that you would meet…Come up with clever excuse or just go on the date anyway…


In Conclusion…

Not every day goes like this, but it isn’t completely uncommon for me to have a day like this. What are some things you find yourself doing as a single person? Is there anything we have in common? Please share your stories! I love to read about them! Please follow me, if you’re not already, in order to get updates on when new posts are up! I’m planning something fun for tomorrow so please stay tuned! 🙂 Thank you and happy soul searching! xoxo


Good Evening! I am so incredibly sorry that I have not posted anything this week. I threw my back out and I have been unable to do much of anything since then. I finally feel better today and decided it was time to start blogging again! There isn’t really a ‘theme’ to this post, just some observations related to things that I have experienced recently.

Tinder Update…

I went on a date with a guy from Tinder, and it was a complete fail. The disappointment was nothing more than the regular okCupid annoyances. He said 5’7, he was likely 5’4, we planned to meet at 7pm, didn’t end up seeing him until 10:20pm… He was a nice guy and we did have fun hanging out. However, it was frustrating that although it was our ‘first meet/first date’ he felt it was acceptable to keep touching me and trying to kiss me. His passes went from cute to annoying in five seconds. MEN OF THE WORLD! If a girl does not look like she wants to kiss you or be touched by you, PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! It is exhausting having to constantly dodge someone the whole night as they try to show you that kind of affection. I don’t plan on seeing the guy again, but i’ll keep my Tinder outlook open.


Remember that really hott AT&T install technician that I posted about last weekend? If not here it is -> AT&T GUY STORY. Well after he left he texted my phone and we started talking. It was actually really fun and I was enjoying the conversation. However, then I decided to plug his phone number into Facebook, and it turns out this guy has a GIRLFRIEND! So I tested him and asked him: Are you single? And surprisingly he responded and told the truth, that he wasn’t single. Since then he’s still continued to text me. He said something about his current girlfriend cheated on him and he didn’t care if he did the same.

WELL….I CARE. I am not one of those girls that will sit and try to mess with TAKEN men. Why do taken guys not realize that I see right through you? If you’re willing to cheat on your current girlfriend, then why wouldn’t you cheat on me? You wouldn’t! That is how it works, men become old dog’s that can only do the same tricks.

Ex-Boyfriend Sighting…

I don’t talk about it a lot, but my last boyfriend really changed my view on the dating world. We were together for about six months, and it was an amazing time. We had no problems that I was aware of, and I really loved him. One day I noticed we weren’t friends on Facebook or Instagram…and I realized this was his cowardly way of breaking up with me. That was back in February of this year, and I am still afraid of dating and commitment because of that experience. Tonight I actually saw him for the first time since… He came to finally exchange our things. It was a very quick exchange, but it was so freeing to do it. Finally the last piece of the puzzle is put in place, and I can truly move on. Do I know why we broke up? No. But I don’t need to know anymore, I have found my own happiness.

okcupid Update…

I know you guys enjoy some funny messages I get on okcupid!!!! Here are some of my favorites from the week:

  • “Hello. I’m *****. Honestly, I stopped reading at how to message a girl. All that stuff you have on there is good. But i’m just going to be myself, like I always am lol and if you’re interested we’ll talk. And behind every answer or something I say on my profile, there’s a reason behind it. Anyway, how are you?
    • This message made me want to throw my phone out a window. I know that my list can come across as a bit much, but I don’t think I ever asked someone to be someone else. If anything, I am pleading to the men of the online dating world to PLEASE stop lying about who you are, and be yourself.
  • “Are you okay if your bf likes to cook?”
    • HMMMM let’s see…. ummm YES? What kind of question is that? Why not just tell me you like to cook? Are there girls out there that won’t date you because you cook? I don’t believe it. I live off of pb&j, I would LOVE a man who can actually cook!
  • “Wow.. great legs and nice smile. And with lips like that how can one go wrong?”
    • I appreciate compliments, but is that really the way to start building a connection online? Complimenting my legs? Try going for the mind first…
  • “Hey” “Hi” “Hello” “Good Evening” “Good Morning” “Good Afternoon”
    • I hate these messages. You don’t have to write me a book, but at least write me something that shows you put some effort into talking to me. I honestly do not look at half the profiles from the guys that approach me with this. Perhaps i’m screwing everything up by ignoring them, but personally I would prefer a little more. Your initial message is like a sales pitch, you need to make it memorable, and something that catches my eye. If I had a dime for every time I received a message like this, I could buy Robert Downey Jr and make him be my husband.

Well this isn’t my greatest post! But at least it’ll give you an idea of what I have been up to these past few days! Now that my back is better I definitely plan to start writing some more and get some more content out here! I might even do a picture blog if you guys want! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read! Please comment below on any of the topics:

  • What kind of experiences have you been through with the Tinder App?
  • Cheating…Have you been cheated on? Have you cheated? Tell me about it! I want to know WHY!
  • Have you recently had a run in with an exboyfriend or exgirlfriend? Tell me about it!
  • Received a funny message on a dating website? Tell me about it! I would love to hear!

Thanks again for reading and HAPPY SOUL SEARCHING! xoxo